Mugleston's Blue Beast Monster

Mugleston's Blue Beast Monster
Registery: UKC/ABKC/USBR. UKC Purple Ribbon
Weight: 114lbs
Head size:
Bloodlines: Generations of Mugleston's

The Beast is a product of generations of Mugleston's breeding. Attempting to produce the ultimate blue pit bull in every aspect. With massive heavy bone structure, size, and muscle mass while still maintaining correct structure, this Bull is a playful, lovable beast! One of my main goals in breeding has always been to produce bullies with extremely outgoing & friendly dispositions that are extremely intelligent & easy to train. This Beast has that in every aspect with the ultimate fearless & awesome personality. Excellent with children and adults alike The Beast had a perfect temperament with other dogs as well. So laid back and easy going. His tail is always wagging no matter where he is or what was going on. Very loyal & eager to please. This boy is just like his dad (Mugleston's Blue Boogie Monster) but bigger, nicer & Bullier. With straight legs, correct feet & stance and a Massive chest & rear end, this boy was the Ultimate Blue Pit bull in his day. The only thing nicer than this boy is what he produced! The Beasts blood is in almost every modern Muglestons dogs pedigree. He is retired and is included here in the males page for historical reference. Muglestons Samantha produced Lobo, Lobo produced Mugleston's Boogie Monster, Boogie Monster produced The Beast. We continually strive to improve our look with every generation. Mugleston's Pitbull farm, consistently producing consistency and constantly improving for over 20 years. Thanks for checking out our site