Mugleston's Blue Boogie Monster

Mugleston's Blue Boogie Monster
Registery: UKC
Weight: 104
Height: 19 in.
Head size: 26 in.
Color: Blue
Bloodlines: Pure Mugleston's, history of Mugleston's.

Kept on the site by request for historical reference. This boy truly was a MONSTER. Produced right here at the real Mugleston's Pitbull farm in 2004. Over the years Blue Boogie Monster became one of many Legends produced right here at Mugleston's. He proved to be one of the best producers in the history of the American Pit bull Terrier. He produced foundation males and females for kennels across the world. Real Pitbulls with the pitbull look. Not mastiffs or bulldogs, a combination of muscle and head size that is perfect and also an absolutely perfect temperament. Not dog aggressive or human aggressive and neither are his pups. PROVEN PRODUCER OF PROVEN PRODUCERS!!! With him and his monster son beast who knows what can stop them. If you would like a "Beast" of your own let us know. The stud fee for Boogie is $15,000. The future of Mugleston's bloodlines is looking great! Hope your as excited as we are. Expect greatness. Theses dogs have been our passion for over 20 years.