Mugleston's Blue Goliath

Mugleston's Blue Goliath
Registery: Dual registered UKC/ADBA
Weight: An incredible 142 pounds!!!!!
Height: 22 1/2 inches at the shoulders. He's not tall/
Head size: A Monster 28 inches
Color: Blue
Bloodlines: 100% Watchdog

"Largest blue male in the USA Size does matter!" Load up your scales & tape measures cause your not going to believe this. We should charge admission to see this freak of nature! This gentle giant is really scary looking in person (he's just so gigantic) but he is just a big lovable baby. He is not aggressive at all but is very laid back and actually a little bit lazy. He is very smart and well behaved. He has been examined by a UKC judge and is 100% correct. Massive, but correct. He has some giant rednose in his background which is where he gets his size. UPDATE: Mugleston's Blue Goliath tipps the scales at a whopping 142lbs in front of thousands of people recently at the Houston Texas Bully Convention. Goliath had a huge crowd around him freaking out like he was a rock star. Out of over 1,000 of the biggest pitbull's from the top bully breeders and top kennels across the USA, BY FAR the largest & heaviest pit bull there was Mugleston's Goliath. Nothing else even came close to his massive girth, bone & sheer weight!